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To install the template, download the latest release, save it in a folder of your choice, right click on it and choose unprotect. Double click on the file to launch the Template installer.
The DNNModule template is now installed.

Creating a Project from DNNModule Template

  • Fire up Visual Studio 2010 (any version), navigate to Installed Templates
  • Choose Visual C# and from the list, choose DNNModule.
  • Choose your Project name carefully, this should be the name of your module (We'll call it DNNModule1 for this walkthru).
  • Click OK in the Create Project Wizard. You should now have a complete DNN module development environment setup.

Beginning code development

  • Assuming you named your Project DNNModule1, rename DNNModule.dnn file to <DNNModule1.dnn>
  • Double-Click (Open) <DNNModule1.dnn> and Replace <DNNModule> with <DNNModule1>
  • Find out your DNN installation directory. Goto Build Events -> Post Build Events and replace the path C:\Inetpub\DNN5.2 with the correct path to your DNN installation
  • You should now be able to build your project. Every time you build, the post build events will create/copy (if needed) directories and files that need to be in the DesktopModules/DNNModule1 folder (or whatever was the module name you chose).

Installing the module into DNN for the first time.

  • Option 1(Recommended): Use DNNPackager to build your module and install it via standard install interface or. You can download DNNPackager for free.
  • Option 2: Use DNN's Import manifest to import the <DNNModule1.dnn> manifest

Debugging your module

  • To Debug your module, you do not need to have the localhost Web Project in your solution. Just set a breakpoint and attach to w3wp process
  • Every time you build, the post-build events will copy the latest binaries to your DNN installation's DesktopModules/<DNNModule1> folder. Only the changed files are copied.

More about Packaging

  • The DNNModule template comes ready with license.txt and releasenotes.txt. Customize and edit them to suit your purpose.
  • Irrespective of any junk you may collect in your DesktopModules/<DNNModule1> directory, keep your manifest file up to date. If you're using DNNPackager to build your install PA, you do not need to worry about excluding files.
  • The default SqlProvider files should be customized to perform the creation of your DB schema, objects and procedures. Version them and keep the manifest file updated.

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